How to Build a Greenhouse

Learning how to build a greenhouse can really take your gardening to a new level. With the right greenhouse you can start plants early, grow plants that you normally can’t grow, and even grow throughout the winter.

how to build a greenhouseThere are many different greenhouse plans you can use to make the perfect diy greenhouse. Some greenhouses to choose from are standard shed like models or more structurally sound geodesic greenhouse domes.

However, before you go choosing a type of greenhouse to build, you’ll want to think about what you’ll be using the greenhouse for and when.

Many people like to build cheap hoop house greenhouses, only to find that they do not hold up the way they thought they would. The reason for this is that these greenhouses aren’t meant to hold up throughout the winter or even in areas with an intense spring.

Although these green houses can keep the temperature nice in the spring, they cannot withstand heavy winds. They also do not come close to being able to withstand snowfall during winter. Couple this with the fact that they really don’t keep warm very well in the winter and you can see why these greenhouses only have limited uses.

For a stronger build, you’ll want to consider learning how to build a greenhouse using made from wood or metal. Also, you’ll need to think about getting something more durable than simple plastic sheets. You don’t have to buy glass, but you will want to get a more durable plastic that is UV resistant.

My favorite type of greenhouse is the geodesic dome greenhouse. These greenhouses are circular and provide a perfect amount of sunlight to greenhouse plants.

In addition to this, they are very sturdy and can withstand strong winds and heavy snows without any damage. You don’t even need to build a foundation for these greenhouses, meaning you probably won’t have to get a permit to put them up.

How To Build A Greenhouse Plans

If you’re searching for a solid set of plans teaching you how to build a greenhouse, you should find ones for a geodesic dome. Kacper Postawski of “Organic Tomato Magic” fame has come up with great plans for building an inexpensive wooden geodesic dome for year round growing.

His plans call for the use of 2×4′s to save you lots of money on building materials. Prior to finding Kacper’s plans, I was considering buying a dome. Through all my searching, the least expensive dome I found would have cost me five figures.

Kacper Postawski’s plans have a building cost of around $800. I guess you already know which route I decided to go with.

You can check out Kacper Postawski’s plans at his website by clicking here.